E-Cig Starter Kit

E-Cig Starter Kit

E-Cig Starter Kit With a taste and feel just like that of regular cigarettes, e-Cigs have proved very popular with both new users and experienced smokers alike. By using an electronic device that resembles a store bought cigarette, users are able to enjoy the experience of smoking without actually consuming any of the toxic chemicals they contain.

In order to introduce new users to the e-Cig experience, for a limited time they are offering a complete starter kit. In this review we will explain how e-Cigs work, what you will receive if you decide to take up the e-Cig starter kit offer, some of the major benefits of this kit and our own personal recommendation.

How do E-Cigs work?

Inside of each electronic cigarette is an atomizer. When the user takes a draw on the device this atomizer converts the synthetic liquid nicotine cartridge into a water vapour. The user enjoys the same taste and experience as they would smoking, but the resulting cloud contains none of the noxious chemicals or tobacco of a store bought cigarette.

What is included in the e-Cig starter Kit?


The starter kit has all of the items you need to get started immediately using electronic cigarettes. This includes a stainless steel atomizer, the latest lithium ion battery and five flavoured liquid nicotine cartridges.

Of course every electronic cigarette device needs to be recharged at some point. E-Cig has made this as easy as possible by including two different types of chargers in the kit. The starter kit includes a standard wall charger but it also has a USB charger. This USB charger can be used with any personal electronic device, such as a laptop or PC, with a USB port.

This is very useful when you are travelling, especially if you are going overseas. While your wall charger may not fit into a foreign plug socket you will always have your USB charger as a backup. To ensure that your electronic cigarette device is safe while travelling, there is a hard case included in the starter kit.

Also included with the starter kit is a twenty page instruction manual. This explains everything you need to know about maintaining and operating your electronic cigarette device. The manual is particularly useful for new electronic cigarette users who may not be familiar yet with the correct operation of these devices.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, all of the items contained within the starter kit are backed by lifetime warranty.

What are the benefits of the e-Cig starter Kit?

Cost is a major reason that people choose to make the switch from store bought cigarettes to e-Cigs. The expected savings over the course of a year for a person smoking one pack a day is approximately $1,000. If you are smoking more than this, then you can expect to see even greater savings.

Another reason that many people prefer e-Cigs is that it allows them to enjoy the experience of smoking anywhere. E-Cigs produce a water based cloud, not smoke, and as a consequence are not restricted by non-smoking bans. You can enjoy your e-Cigs in restaurants, hotels, airports and bars.

Many people find the smell of cigarettes unpleasant and the dangers of second hand smoke are well known. Because e-Cigs do not produce smoke, they do not leave any lasting smell on your clothes or your breath. The lack of second hand smoke means that you can enjoy the sensation and taste of tobacco without placing those around you in potential danger.

Overall Recommendation

The e-Cig starter kit offers excellent value for money. In particular the inclusion of a five nicotine cartridges ensures that new users will be able to get full enjoyment from their electronic cigarettes. Nice extras like the twenty five page instruction manual and the USB charger set this kit apart from a lot of the competing starter kits. Backed with a lifetime warranty we feel comfortable recommending this kit to anyone interested in using electronic cigarettes.

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